June, 2018
Anuprayaas Sensitization Program.
Disability Ettiqutes Sensitization Program At KSR Railway Station Bangalore
Shakti Siera Cajla(Co-Founder,Anuprayaas) conducting session for the staff of South Western Railways.
Photograph by Abhay Rudradev M
As a part of Anuprayaas Sensitization Program, Anuprayaas conducted Disability Etiquette Sensitization program for the staff of South Western Railways Bangalore. The program was designed for the staff of Indian railways, to cover the interaction points and do’s and don’ts of behavior while interacting with people with disability. Indian Railways is the largest government office that interacts with lakhs of people traveling on daily basis.

As an Organisation we should be empathetic and give our best to help people with disability traveling with Indian Railways”Suvankar Biswas,

Assistant Commercial Manager,South Western Railways, Bangalore

While addressing the staff after the session, Mr. Suvankar Biswas touched on the importance of proactive approach for the staff. He emphasized that the staff should proactively make sure that the facilities provided for people with disability, including Special Coaches, reserved seats, toilets for people with disability, are utilized only by disabled people and not the abled public. He also acknowledged the tremendous effort made by the department to verify fraud applications while issuing the concession passes for the people with disability so that they can make sure that the facilities provided by government reach people with disability.
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