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To make India accessible and inclusive.

Our Mission

 To make public spaces blind friendly by providing accessibility solutions.

We aim to sensitize people towards people with disabilities through our Disability Etiquette Program, thus creating an inclusive society.

Our Focus Areas


We provide Accessibility Solutions at public places to help the visually impaired and blind, commute with ease, and with minimal assistance from others.


Providing employment to the visually impaired through merchandise BrailleMate


Sensitizing people towards people with disability through our Disability Etiquettes Programs in Schools, Colleges and Corporates.

Making an Impact across corporations.

Anuprayaas collaborates with Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) Leaders by providing Awareness Classes & Accessibility Solutions in their surroundings. We help companies with designing their surroundings that will help the Blind move with minimal assistance.

How are we impacting?

Anureen | Teacher Blind School, Mysore


I love to travel alone. This initiative has helped solo women travellers like me, since we don’t have to depend on others to ask for directions all the time. 

Diwakar | Student, Mysore

 “I remember how helpless I felt at the mysore station when misguided me. I was supposed to go to my hometown and endup waiting at the wrong platform only to miss my train. I thank Anuprayaas for addressing our challanges to railways and working on it.”


Sagar Patil | Blind Entrepreneur, Mumbai

 “Travelling in a Mumbai local is not an easy thing for a blind commuter. We get pushed &  misguided. People usually don’t have the time and patience to guide us. We mostly end up missing our trains and at times meet accidents. This project will bring big relief to blind commuters.”


Student at Blind School, Mysore

 “I can find my class easily now without having to ask my seniors for help all the time.”


Shavaad Mohammed Ali | Paralympic Bronze Medalist,India

 “Anuprayaas is doing a fantastic job for our blind community. When I travelled abroad to Paralympics, the facilities there were very advanced. I am happy that they have taken this initiative and hope they make more places in our country accessible. “


Adil | Sales Intern at Anuprayaas

 “I am thankful to Anuprayaas for providing me opportunity where I can go out and communicate with so many people. Before this I have never had much interaction with people. It has helped me build my confidence. “


Who is Tweeting about our Work..

“Inline with Govt’s Accessible India Campaign, Mumbai’s Borivali Station has been made more accessible for the visually-impaired with the installation of braille-embossed railings along foot- bridges & entry exit points.”

Piyush Goyal

Minister of Railways of India

Shekhar Naik

Awarded Padma Shri by President of India, Former Captain of Indian Blind Cricket Team

““I want to thank the authorities for this progressive step and am very proud of the fact that we have the second blind-friendly railway station in the country.”

What our Partners say about us…

“My association started with Anuprayaas in 2016, and I was totally overwhelmed with the achievements of the organization in such a short time. What drove my attention towards them was their selfless act of providing accessibility solution for visually impaired with the help of their passionate and enthusiastic team. I was fortunate to associate with Anuprayaas to make the Bengaluru City Railway Station, Blind Friendly. One of the most successful projects that both the organizations are proud about and I am glad to be a part of it.”

Mithun N

Sales & Marketing CSR Head, Altius Realty

Visionaries who believe in our Vision

Team Anuprayaas

Pancham Cajla

Pancham Cajla

Founder, Anuprayaas

Shakti S Cajla

Shakti S Cajla

Co-Founder, Anuprayaas

Sharad Gupta

Sharad Gupta

Mentor, Anuprayaas

Rashid AP

Rashid AP

Fund Raising Manager, Anuprayaas

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From creating the ‘First Blind Friendly Railway Station‘, to conducting the #BlindSelfie Event, we have come a long way in making India accessible. Read our top stories below.

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