Accessible India – Visually Impaired Friendly Mysore Railway Station

“Sympathizing with blind people is like wanting them to depend on you for longer and that is a sadistic mentality. Instead, we should work on how to make them feel independent,” – Pancham Cajla, founder of Anuprayaas.

We aim to create a environment where visually impaired folks can access public places and facilities with ease and minimal help. India has major population of visually impaired individuals of the world and yet we have minimum  facilities at the public places to provide easy accessibility.

Anuprayaas along with south-western railway officials, started working on a Project to make Mysore Railway Station visually impaired friendly. The first phase was inaugurated on November 3, and Phase two is in planning stage. The installations at the station include the following:

  • Tactile maps to give people an idea about the physical layout of the station. It is basically a map with raised surfaces that describes the distance and location of the entrance, platforms, counters, washrooms etc. The map informs people where they are, which side to turn and how to reach a help desk. The Prototype Installed in phase I is for testing purpose and map is being refined on basis of feed back for visually impaired Individuals.
  • Train itinerary sign board that provides train names their schedules in Braille.
  • Metallic Braille signs have been installed at about ten places on each platform. Placed along the railing of the staircase leading to various platforms, they provide directions and platform information.
  • Restaurants, canteens and food plazas in the railways station will have Braille menu cards as well.


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