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Brilliant Kick start start to the ‪#‎Blindselfie‬ campaign.Anuprayaas made Independence Day “brighter” for the visitors and employees of habitat mall. The volunteers all decked in black t shirt blindfolded themselves and smartly dispersed to different corners of the mall and asked random visitors to direct them back to the stage. That way they attracted a lot of attention and upped the curiosity levels. Once the area was packed with people asking a lot of why’s and what’s the dancers of “Beyond Taalas” broke into a dance. It was quite a scene with 30 odd dancers dancing to the tune of “India waale”, ” sino gaur we dunia waalo”. By now as planned the crowd had doubled. Deciding not the keep them in the “dark” anymore the anuprayaas team justified their act by speaking about how India is sadly the country with the largest blind population and urged everybody to pledge their eyes. They also spoke about how spreading awareness about the issue is very important as it is the first step to achieving something on a large scale.The event was covered by local Media and news paper “Star of Mysore”.
The most interesting element of the whole show was this novel concept of “blind selfie”. This is simply a selfie taken blindfold. The rationale behind this was to put everybody in the shoes of the visually impaired for a while. On the introduction of this concept the whole crowd had their phones clicking selfies, blindfolding themselves in saffron, white and green suiting the theme of independence day. It was a spending sight. They were all requested to put these selfies up on social media with the #blindselfie and ‪#‎anuprayaas‬ to spread awareness. Meanwhile survey forms were being filled collecting data on how many people were willing to pledge their eyes. Musicians Rahul Khatri for the band Inqualab and Manjunath on flute played a few soulful songs which got the audience more alive and ended this unique show on a “high note”. So guys what are you waiting for? Take your cameras and blindfold out and go #blindselfie.