Navigation Facilities for visually impaired at KRS Railway Station, Majestic, Bangalore

Anuprayaas in Collaboration with South Western Railways worked on a project to provide Navigation Facilities for visually impaired at Krantivira Sangolli Rayanna railway station, Majestic, Bangalore.

The Facility was inaugurated by Mr. Sanjeev Agrawal (DRM, Bangalore) on 14 March 2017.

The installations at the station include the following:

  1. Metallic Braille signs have been installed on each platform.
  2. Tactile maps to give people an idea about the physical layout of the station.
  3. Train itinerary sign board that provides train names their schedules in Braille.
  4. Restaurants, canteens and food plazas in the railways station will have Braille menu cards as well.


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Accessible Campus: Tilak Nagar Blind School Mysore Accessible and Blind Friendly

Need- The irony of a blind school not being blind friendly compelled us to take up this initiative. This project not only helped to provide easy accessibility of the campus to the students, but also to educate them about the use of tactile maps and braille signage.

Work Done- Braille Signage’s were provided at the classrooms, washrooms, dormitories and various other facilities at the Campus.Tactile Map was also installed that describes the entire campus layout in Braille.
These facilities will help the students to navigate easily through the campus. Its been quite a journey starting with the initiation of swatch Bharat campaign which included basic repair of the school premises to making it accessible.
The facilities were inaugurated on 15 August 2016.
Anuprayaas organised Independence day event ‘Jashn-e-Hind’ at the school premises.
Blind Cricket match was played between Tilak nagar blind school team and Team Anuprayaas who played blindfolded.
A friendly match was played in true sportsman spirit, It was the sweetest defeat Anuprayaas team had. Team Tilak Nagar school won the match. Anuprayaas also donated 5 Blind cricket balls to the School Team. Also we would like to thank all the people who generously supported for the cause and those who bought products from Anuprayaas Merchandise which helped us to raise funds for the project.

Team: Anuprayaas Team Mysore under the supervision of Chair Anuprayaas Mysore Mr. Gautham Kannan Executed the project.

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India’s First Blind Friendly Train

Anuprayaas assisted South Western Railways in introducing India’s First Blind Friendly Train. It is one of the significant steps taken to realize our Dream of Accessible India, where Visually Impaired & blind can commute freely with minimum assistance. It will not only aid them but also encourage them to be self dependent and confident.Train no. 16229/16230 (Varanasi Express) that leaves Mysuru for Varanasi was fitted metallic Braille signs within all its coaches indicating the location of alarm pull chains, toilets, emergency windows and berth numbers. These signage will help blind & visual impaired to easily locate their seats, coach & facilities available in the train while traveling

Anuprayaas aims at providing facilities through out the county. This initiative not only helps blind but also serves the purpose of creating  awareness among people.

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Accessible India – Visually Impaired Friendly Mysore Railway Station

“Sympathizing with blind people is like wanting them to depend on you for longer and that is a sadistic mentality. Instead, we should work on how to make them feel independent,” – Pancham Cajla, founder of Anuprayaas.

We aim to create a environment where visually impaired folks can access public places and facilities with ease and minimal help. India has major population of visually impaired individuals of the world and yet we have minimum  facilities at the public places to provide easy accessibility.

Anuprayaas along with south-western railway officials, started working on a Project to make Mysore Railway Station visually impaired friendly. The first phase was inaugurated on November 3, and Phase two is in planning stage. The installations at the station include the following:

  • Tactile maps to give people an idea about the physical layout of the station. It is basically a map with raised surfaces that describes the distance and location of the entrance, platforms, counters, washrooms etc. The map informs people where they are, which side to turn and how to reach a help desk. The Prototype Installed in phase I is for testing purpose and map is being refined on basis of feed back for visually impaired Individuals.
  • Train itinerary sign board that provides train names their schedules in Braille.
  • Metallic Braille signs have been installed at about ten places on each platform. Placed along the railing of the staircase leading to various platforms, they provide directions and platform information.
  • Restaurants, canteens and food plazas in the railways station will have Braille menu cards as well.


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Happy Teacher’s Day


A tribute to all our teachers who are the reason for making us the person we are today.





Team Anuprayaas organized    a awareness session on eye pledge and eye donation for the teachers of Manasarovara Pushkarini P.U College Mysore. We received a overwhelming response from the teachers who for a change were on the other side of the podium attending the session. It is said if u want to bring change in the society at the ground level,teachers are the only one who can make this possible. Happy Teachers Day .

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#Blindselfie #Anuprayaas

Brilliant Kick start start to the ‪#‎Blindselfie‬ campaign.Anuprayaas made Independence Day “brighter” for the visitors and employees of habitat mall. The volunteers all decked in black t shirt blindfolded themselves and smartly dispersed to different corners of the mall and asked random visitors to direct them back to the stage. That way they attracted a lot of attention and upped the curiosity levels. Once the area was packed with people asking a lot of why’s and what’s the dancers of “Beyond Taalas” broke into a dance. It was quite a scene with 30 odd dancers dancing to the tune of “India waale”, ” sino gaur we dunia waalo”. By now as planned the crowd had doubled. Deciding not the keep them in the “dark” anymore the anuprayaas team justified their act by speaking about how India is sadly the country with the largest blind population and urged everybody to pledge their eyes. They also spoke about how spreading awareness about the issue is very important as it is the first step to achieving something on a large scale.The event was covered by local Media and news paper “Star of Mysore”.
The most interesting element of the whole show was this novel concept of “blind selfie”. This is simply a selfie taken blindfold. The rationale behind this was to put everybody in the shoes of the visually impaired for a while. On the introduction of this concept the whole crowd had their phones clicking selfies, blindfolding themselves in saffron, white and green suiting the theme of independence day. It was a spending sight. They were all requested to put these selfies up on social media with the #blindselfie and ‪#‎anuprayaas‬ to spread awareness. Meanwhile survey forms were being filled collecting data on how many people were willing to pledge their eyes. Musicians Rahul Khatri for the band Inqualab and Manjunath on flute played a few soulful songs which got the audience more alive and ended this unique show on a “high note”. So guys what are you waiting for? Take your cameras and blindfold out and go #blindselfie.

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A Different Ball Game….

Its a famous saying ” Seeing is Believing”. But not for team Anuprayaas anymore. In our attempt to bridge the gap between the society and visually impaired  Team Anuprayaas throws an open challenge to people to play blind cricket. Team Anuprayaas Conducted first of its kind Cricket match where people with sight played cricket blind folded against the team of visually impaired and blind students. The match was conducted in Mysore on 26th July 2015. The match not only reflected a true sportsmen spirit but also bought smiles to the beautiful faces ironically who cant see their own smile.

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Team Anuprayaas conducted a successful awareness session on 17 June 2015 at  corporate office of Wealth-X in Mysore. Team lead by Mr. Pancham Cajla focused on creating awareness on eye pledge & eye donation  process, and also made an effort to make the audience aware of the practical day to day difficulties that are faced by a visually challenged  person. Anuprayaas aims to help the visually challenged folks in blending well in the society in their day to day life and providing simple yet effective solutions to the problems faced by them in their regular routines. Anuprayaas received 37 eye-pledge  registrations at the event. We are extremely thankful to Wealth-X Mysore for supporting our initiative.


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