Anuprayaas Merchandise

Anuprayaas is proud to call itself a self-sustained organization.Anuprayaas Merchandise is a fundraising wing of Anuprayaas. It is a unique initiative by Anuprayaas to provide employment to less privileged and disabled. The proceedings from Anuprayaas Merchandise contribute to our Accessibility projects. We work through tie-ups with various retail stores and cafes.Currently, Anuprayaas Merchandise has Store Tie-ups in Mysore and Bangalore.

Our Product Line

Sun-Board Wall Decors

All our Wall Decors are Digitally Printed & Laminated On Sun-Board.They are provided with stick-on on the back. To view our products and to place order online visit our store:

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Braille T-Shirts

Braille T-Shirt is a Unique ‘Concept T-Shirt’ By Anuprayaas launched in India for the First time.The Uniqueness of this T-Shirt lies in the Braille embossed on it, which a blind person can also touch and read.The T-Shirt’s interesting concept is a great conversation starter for the person wearing it. It is also a unique medium for Anuprayaas to sensitize. people towards the Blind and visually impaired community.

To view our products and to place order online visit our store:

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Beyond Taalas, Mysore: Founded by Snehal Igoor and Pooja Joshi, Mrs.Mysore’s LARGEST Dance Studio Beyond Taalas has been a constant supporter and motivator for Anuprayaas. Team Beyond Taalas through their talent and creative performances have helped Anuprayaas in Sensitizing people towards Blindness and Eye Donation.

Blush Events, Bangalore: Blush Events, founded by Mamtha Kiran is an Event Management Firm Based in Bangalore. Blush Events brings together conceptualized Flea Markets, Fun Events and Lifestyle Exhibitions. Blush Events has been a constant support to Anuprayaas and Anuprayaas Merchandise, which helps us to sustain our projects and our Verticals: Employment for Disabled and Less Privileged.

INQUILAB, Mysore: INQUILAB, Managed by Mr Rahul Khatri is a Desi Rock band from Mysore, for whose members music is Life. INQUILAB comprises of 3 members. Each and every one of them has an insane passion for music and performing on stage. INQUILAB is always experimenting and trying to create a new sound, mostly into Desi Rock. Their original compositions are refreshing which makes you can listen to them again and again.

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