Accessible Campus: Tilak Nagar Blind School Mysore Accessible and Blind Friendly

Need- The irony of a blind school not being blind friendly compelled us to take up this initiative. This project not only helped to provide easy accessibility of the campus to the students, but also to educate them about the use of tactile maps and braille signage.

Work Done- Braille Signage’s were provided at the classrooms, washrooms, dormitories and various other facilities at the Campus.Tactile Map was also installed that describes the entire campus layout in Braille.
These facilities will help the students to navigate easily through the campus. Its been quite a journey starting with the initiation of swatch Bharat campaign which included basic repair of the school premises to making it accessible.
The facilities were inaugurated on 15 August 2016.
Anuprayaas organised Independence day event ‘Jashn-e-Hind’ at the school premises.
Blind Cricket match was played between Tilak nagar blind school team and Team Anuprayaas who played blindfolded.
A friendly match was played in true sportsman spirit, It was the sweetest defeat Anuprayaas team had. Team Tilak Nagar school won the match. Anuprayaas also donated 5 Blind cricket balls to the School Team. Also we would like to thank all the people who generously supported for the cause and those who bought products from Anuprayaas Merchandise which helped us to raise funds for the project.

Team: Anuprayaas Team Mysore under the supervision of Chair Anuprayaas Mysore Mr. Gautham Kannan Executed the project.

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