Our Story

Together, we find a way.

Our Journey Started

India's 1st blind friendly railway station : Mysore

India's first Blind Friendly Train: Mysore Varanasi Express

Accessible Railway Station :KSR Bengaluru

Accessible Railway Station: Borivali, Mumbai

Pancham Cajla

Founder, Anuprayaas

Anuprayaas, as an organization started back in Nov 2014, but now when I reminisce and reflect on my journey of connecting and empowering the visually impaired people, I find that the seed of this organization was sown long ago when, as a child, I assisted my visually impaired friend to cross the road. As a scribe, my first encounter was when the child in me noticed the challenges faced by the people who were blind, it was then I realized my compassion towards them. Well, thanks to my Visually Impaired music teacher who taught me the difference between Sympathy and Empathy. During my corporate years, I got the opportunity to work closely with the people who are blind. My strong desire has always been to make their life a little easier and to help them innovate. This concept of accessibility became the way to go forward in organizing Anuprayaas which led to historic projects. Now, it is my dream, my mission to make India a Blind Friendly Country.

Shakti Siera Cajla

Co-Founder, Anuprayaas

Anuprayaas means “A Small Effort”.  An effort to make a difference to lives of differently abled. As an organization, we are working for equal rights, equal facilities and equal opportunities for people with disability.  As the Co-Founder of Anuprayaas, I dream of inclusive India. I believe that a great Nation is built when its citizens participate equally in its development.  What we do as Individuals today, will shape the future of this Country.  Anuprayaas is a collective effort of many such Individuals who have been part of this journey. Individuals who have silently played their part and helped us to reach where we are today, inching day by day closer towards our mission of “Making India Accessible”.