Anuprayaas is a Social Organisation established on 26th November 2014 with a vision to make India a blind-friendly country.

Verticals at Anuprayaas

We aim at providing Accessibility solutions at public places.to help visually impaired and blind commute with ease and with minimal assistance from others.
Providing employment to visually impaired people through Anuprayaas Merchandise –  “BrailleMate.”
Sensitizing people towards people with disability through our Disability Etiquettes Programs.

 Associations: Visionaries who believe in our vision

 What do our Associating Partners say about us?

“My association started with Anuprayaas in 2016. And I was totally overwhelmed with the achievements of the organization in such a short time. What drove my attention towards them was their selfless act of providing accessibility solution for visually impaired with the help of their passionate and enthusiastic team. The true essence of raising awareness about Visual Impairment reflects in each one of them. I was fortunate to associate with Anuprayaas when Pancham joined hands with my organization Altius Realty to make the Bengaluru City Railway Station, blind friendly. One of the most successful projects that both the organizations are proud about and I am glad to be a part of it. I really appreciate all the efforts put in by Team Anuprayaas and I wish to extend my hand any way possible with them in the future as well.”





Mithun Nellikunnu
Sales & Marketing CSR Head


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